Everyday I have an off the top type of day. I feel like my mind is racing all the time. I was googling ways to keep a diary online and came across blogging.I thought to myself I know there are many woman out there who maybe experiencing the same things or more and can help me or I can help them. So many things I didn’t know becoming a mother and I am sharing the fears the fun the journey of a single mom with three boys.

So welcome to my BLOG. My name is Skye. I am 30 years old . a super Aries! Born in Rochester New York. raised mainly in Florida. I am divorced. An single mother to three wonderful wild boys. I have a 10 year old , 7 year old and a sweet wild 4 year old. Taking care of kids is fun..Scary..hard and easy all the time.

I unfortunately have Anxiety. so being a mom with something always over your shoulder is kind of hard. I worry to much and I think to hard. I want them happy all the time but its hard to give them everything they want. Have your child ever wanted to really do something you didn’t want them to? why is that? why do we stop our kids from things we are afraid of?

I talk about things parents keep to themselves. I ask questions I want to know.

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