Bed time is the longest process to me. Two of my kids are scared of the bathroom. For some reason they don’t like being in there alone. So when I say” ok Jeremiah it’s time shower”. I get the whole run down. he say ” but mommy I don’t smell” , “I’m thirsty” and after a while of still telling him to get in the tub he starts to cry and tell me how afraid he is to shower …..”Its monsters in there” or ” Can I shower with sky. so I’m tired . I been cleaning all day. I started my blog today which was hours on the computer and just not up for back n fourth make you be brave tonight crap. so ok son y’all take a bath and please hurry .

Now that showers are out the way I tell every one to get school clothes out. of course its easier if I do it. everything will match and be visible. but I am trying to teach them to be able to pick out an outfit for themselves. ( plus if they are picking it out I have time to clean something or do something else). if they still having trouble then I help. most time they got it. My oldest lius is tall enough for the closet where I hang they shirts but Jeremiah is not so that is always a screaming situation because Jeremiah needs help and lius do not want to help because he feels like he don’t have to which now makes me stop what I’m doing with sky to help get his shirt down.

A hour before bed they watch a movie or play on phones until 9. but taking them after or turning off the tv becomes a thing. I have one screaming like he will never see his phone again. I have the other crying because now he is bored and lius goes to sleep oh how I can’t wait to lay down!

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