Anxitey is a kicker.

The one thing i deal with alone is my anxiety. For years i had it but did not know what was wrong with me . My dad use to say i was faking so much i started to believe him… but i have been dealing with anxiety since 17 years old.

17 years old is when i noticed it more. Many times i would get upset about something around me. Half the time i didnt know why i was so emotional . Why i was crying . I would feel like I’m shrinking in a box. My heart would beat fast and to much panicking i would get dizzy and light headed. Many times i couldn’t walk alone I’ve had times where I passed out on a bus station. if shower alone in a hot shower get very dizzy and panic .

Its very scarey when you don’t know why or what’s happening to you. but what I realize is I live with so much fear of things anything that I panic as if it is happening or did happen to me.

I use to be ashamed to say what was wrong with me. Because i didn’t understand it. I didn’t want others to see something wrong with me or to treat me different. It took me a few years to be ok with myself. Honestly this year i started to own it and do things to control it.

So if you have anxiety or depression find one person you can talk to about it. doing it alone sucks and not letting out everything will drown you. A person who believes what you are going through is real. don’t be around people that make fun of you.

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