YEAH!! we added a puppy to the family. I already have a cat name Blanca and a turtle …….ya know what lol I don’t know the turtle name. I always forgot it. I didn’t name him and never called him by his name so….. I’ll ask Jeremiah tomorrow . but any who so now we have a 3 month old shiranian puppy.

I got this specific breed because I like both the mother and father type of breeds which is a Shih tzu and a Pomeranian. Both dogs are smart small breed dogs. This dog is also good to service, help and give the support with my anxiety needs. I named him KING. he is a very sweet puppy.

wow what a breed! so I didn’t know this dog was so popular! He is a small dog so everywhere I go I try to take him with me. and everywhere I go some one say” oh cool dog” someone ask “what breed is that”? and “how much was the dog”?.

I promise when I thought to myself I wanted a dog. I didn’t think the dog I chose will be so loved. but yes. I did full research to find the right breed. now a days I am trying to not just get things because it is in front of me or because a person rushed me to get it. so before I got King I google places to get puppies. and you know it is not to many dog shelters have puppies . They mainly have big dogs that run away or gets given away. so boom I search until I found Pet land.

Pet land is a very nice place they carry all the good breeds you can not find in a regular dog shelter. so yes I went to Pet land website and look at each puppy. Then I google dogs that was good for anxiety and I seen a list. on that list was this dog. and this dog was also at Pet land.

so now that I found the place and dog I need to break it down to details.

Like are they easy to train?

Do they like kids?

Do they like others pest?

Do they shed?

see you can’t just go shop for cars now and say I like the outside I want this one. ( That is how I use to buy my cars lol) but you have to ask the details.

Do it have ac and a radio?

Do the engine run good and do it need a lot of maintenance?

but anyways so I look at his profile learned about the breed and then choose him at the store. he is the perfect match for me.

I also wanted a dog because my kids will some day leave me. I can’t have any more children and I no longer want to share my space with a man. so I will have my sweet pup king when all is gone. lol I know it is many many years away.but for now its more so about me and guiding my health.

My boys love him. They are not too much outside running kids like I use to be when I was 10 years old. I love to be out in the back yard and play and go here and there. The kids will come outside for 3 min and run with the dog and then go back inside.

Good thing he is not a huge dog that we needed to walk around the block! the boys will not want to do that lol . king is small his little legs can only go so far. so running in a circle in the yard is plenty exercise for him.

I learned to do what I need for me this pass year. I stop worrying about others. yes my dog is expensive but sometimes the price shouldn’t matter if its something that is very good for you. its more love towards me. another male that’s can’t talk back crap and I enjoy him lol.

comment what dog you have.


3 responses to “NEW PUP! WOW WHAT A BREED!”

  1. Beautiful pooch! My dog, Roxie, is a pomeranian and long-hair chihuahua mix and she’s been my little sidekick for 11 wonderful years. Enjoy your new fur baby. ❤😍🥰

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    1. Thank you I will. he is learning so many new tricks already

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