uniform disfunction

Good morning guys!

yes what a morning. Ya know I’m truly trying to figure out how kids minds work when it come to school and uniforms. They are under the age 10. They do not want to wear the same colors everyday. So a daily morning thing in my house is my kids asking me if they can wear their favorite jeans or cool cartoon shirt with batman on it. Sadly I say “no Jeremiah that is not uniform you can not wear that” Jeremiah yells at me ” BUT I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE STUPID UNIFORM IS AND I WANT TO WEAR THIS” now I’m thinking to my self ” How you don’t know what the uniform is, you wear the same colors everyday and you see everyone in your school wear the same thing”.

He is seven so I explain again that “You have to wear blue ,navy blue , white and maroon shirts and only blue and khaki bottoms. There is no other way to it”! “Boom” ! He stops and get dress. but what was this all for really? Did he really think I was going to let him wear whatever he wanted just because he ask? I wonder to myself how to make them understand things faster and better. like when you explain things to your kids and they say ” yes I understand”. Do they really understand or how do they really see what you just said? some times I have my oldest son explain to me what I just ask him to do. Because half the time he just say ok to shut me up. but if its serious you must break it down and have them repeat so you know they understand.

I showed my Jeremiah many times how to tie his shoe. he is seven now and for some reason it don’t stick. he watches you do it but when its his turn he can not make the same loop. which makes me think ….. how did he just see me tie his shoe in his head? ya know? mmmmmmm many may say I sound crazy and do way to much. but I have always been into how other people think and learn . the timing of when they understand it. the age it clicks for them.

I have three boys and they all learned thing different. one would catch it real fast like tying his shoe while the other can not grasp it. one can match his clothes and tell the different between his clothes and his brother clothes while the other don’t remember what is his and what is not nor know how to match for him self. so I ask myself why? ok but any ways. I do think school should let the kids go back to expressing themselves. because that’s all our clothes are. its a way to show who we are , what we believe and also covers our butts! but I understand bulling as well….. so

have a blessed day guys!

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