Fear of an accident!

Everyday i mean literally everyday back and fourth home to school to work i see an accident. Its so unbelievably to me how many car crashes happens a day. To really think of all the things that causes an accident! The other day i was on the turnpike . Traffic slowed down and I’m having road rage trying to figure out “what the hell”! Why the traffic not moving! When i get up to the area. I see a car in the middle lane of a five lane thing he had a huge LADDER UNDER HIS CAR! The guy ran over a ladder! HOW DO YOU POSSIBLY HIT A LADDER ON THE TURNPIKE!

I know that guy was super pissed! this means a van or truck did not tie down the ladder good enough. Now you know where that put me? It put me to freaking out levels

Now I’m thinking of all the other things that can fall off a van or truck. Im thinking about what happen to his car? Also guys the van did not stop and help. Smh he took off and could have killed that man.

Today this happen! I seen this crash on the high way. This is on my of the road coming up towards me as I’m coming down so i think they spent out or something. And no one was in the car! So who ever crashed left the Scene. Where did they go ??! Did they jump the wall?? Lol omg it might have been a kid driving or someone who stole

Car. This was on the way to the kids to school.

I been in a car accident now twice once my fault once not. But one accident kinda of messed me up. To think that could have ended my life of my kids life….I’m always afraid of people driving behind me than the front. Because i have no control over them hitting me but i do from the front who i hit.

Im not the best driver neither. I text i call i eat i do make up and hair….smh i gotten a-lot better since my accident and seeing so many


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