Four am panic attacks

I can breath…

Its 4:57am. I been up since 2am because my puppy king woke me to go out. i’m shaking so bad right now….. my body .. is still very jittery. I haven’t have a full on anxiety attack in a few weeks like this this….i”m still trying to breath right bow..

But i want to express exactly what my body is experiencing with you as i go through it.

Im scared right now i don”t know why….

My legs is trembling… i woke up to take out my pup … then i couldn’t go back to sleep my stomach felt so bloated . I went to the bathroom to try and poop…. Nothing… then i tryed to throw up. Some came out and now i feel better .

But now these thoughts are running in my head im scared and i dont know why.

I start to think about what if i dont wake up. Who will take the kids to school.

“Im still breathing…its getting better im calming down”

I thought i have to be ok because they need me tomorrow. I start to breath fast i started to freak out… i started to cry…

REALLY BOO HOO CRY! At 4am on my bathroom floor…. Thinking to myself omg i just got a new puppy why did i just get this new puppy?

I thought about the man that im in a relationship with and how we are currently for some reason it is making my mind race and my heart is beating faster….i tryed to throw up again but nothing…

I go lay down… now i feel dizzy. Very faintish. I feel like ima pass out BUT I CANT I TELL MY SELF I CANT! I start to cry again … saying out loud no no no no no…. Back in the bathroom i try to pee… poop relieve this heavy feeling in my stomach.. stop crying .. stop freaking out.

Im so scared because im alone. I took some medicine. I gulp down some sleep stuff see if it help. But then i panic and start thinking about going to sleep when im not ready……

Last resort… i went to my small tash and smoke a small amout of weed and immediately felt ok im am able to breath. I no longer felt chocked…. Now I’m very very sleepy… eyes are closing as i type…. That med kicked in and the weed calm my body now im laying in bed and breathing…. Not sure if ill post this…. I hate that i go through this. I dont like living alone….

I get terrified thinking about living alone. Someone breaking in my home and hurting me… i get terrified thinking aboout it at night…nite guys i cant

Fight the sleep nomore

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