I can honestly say I love to hear my three boys say “I love you ” more than anything. As a parent, to me it validates i’m doing a good job. That my child is happy and so fourth. I say that because not every moment of “I love you” is a special moment. Most times its the really boring “I love you” that I get from my boys when they are leaving me . The boring I love you when they going to sleep. I say Boring because some may say “how are you going say your child saying “I love u is boring”….will because its the tone of they voice and it’s the not looking just waving at you while saying it. Lol those are the boring but appreciated “I love you”

See my boys have times when they are truly happy in a moment and randomly say thank you mommy “I love you” with a huge grin . or they may stop playing and laughing and say “I love you mommy” with so much energy. My youngest sky started to say it more and more and its so adorable to me ! one day I was playing with him picking him up in the air and he was laughing so hard. he stopped looked at me and say “mommy I love you” . I felt the energy and he was so happy in that moment. It’s times like this as a mother that make me appreciate being a mother and having this chance in life.

So many people are not able to have their children or even carry children . so I am very grateful to have three lil men to to always love and appreciate me as they mom.

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