Feeling free

Today is a good day. A day where I know there is no stressful situations I have to deal with. Today my mind feel free. Today my mind feel clear. I appreciate days like today because I can get my own thoughts together. I can get my house, my kids , my dog and me together. I can think about my future plans and stuff.

Most days I think to hard and the wrong thoughts are in my head. I worry and feel pain all day. I stress and don’t eat type of day. On those days I don’t feel in control. I like to feel in control. I always want to feel like I have control over any situation I’m in. If I can’t change or be ahead of the game. So much stress.

See days like yesterday was a stressful day. Why because yesterday was dads day at my kids school. So of course I ask their father to attend. They only showed up to say hi I’m here and walk they child to the gate of the school. Short and sweet! But my issue was I have three boys. Two different fathers. So one of my boys dad don’t live close by. And although my other two boys was happy to have they dad at their school. My youngest did not have his. And all the thoughts and pain in that…….. my baby ask me with so much confusion why his daddy was not there. That hurt me .

I mean honestly it’s only so much you can tell a child before they really understand.

But overall not so much anxiety. Good day

Feeling free
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