Dead weight

I remember when I was in school I work. I worked at a Mc Donald my 10-12th grade. I was always tired

When I was in class and go class work I would rush through it and then go to sleep.

Head down thumbs up! No no lol but yeah I would lay my head down after I did my work. I would feel myself stuck.. I would hear the bell ring and my body wouldn’t move. I’m awake because I hear the bell I hear the kids getting up and rushing out and I’m still at my desk stuck.

Teacher thought I was sleeping but in my head I’m screaming trying to get my body up off the desk.

I forgot what it’s called but it scared me . So many times it happen to me I couldn’t move. I couldn’t get up. Heard everything around me . Also for me it seem like I was stuck there maybe 10 min but in reality I was laying there stuck for two min. Very scary feeling because then you think what if you don’t wake up. Ya know.

Body so heavy. Your so tired and can’t wake …

Dead weight.

Please what is this called guys?

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