My son is the sweetest boy. he has the cuties smile. he is small for his age and he is just adorable. you know that moment when you realize the change in them. when they start to grow in to they face and stuff. my son will be five October 19th . I am taking him to Disney world. His first time. Mine as well. His brothers has gone before. ooohhh the stress to plan this. Things are coming together. but any who he is turning five. Turning five is the number where he is no longer a baby. can’t get pass anymore as a baby. you know a kid do something bad you’ll say “well he is just 4” but now now its “oh no you five you understand and your to big for that!” lol

All the new things he should know but may not yet . now you have to be on his butt. Your five now so it’s time to learn to tie your shoes. At five they should be potty trained And start to ride a bike. Most start school or kindergarten. Good thing for sky he has been his school since three so that is checked off.

He is my last baby. I will have no more. My kids are all school age and no longer babies and it is just so sad to me…….😔I love them to death and do not want them to grow up and leave me one day. All mothers fears!. but I will hope that this five year old journey be a good one for him. that he learns a lot and do well! love you sky’rikk

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