I don’t want to seem like a “Omg”

This year is the first year I talked and dealt with my anxiety around people. I still don’t know Everything about my anxiety but the start is acknowledging I have it.

I don’t like to feel weak to people. I don’t want pity or people always watching me and wondering when the next time she will trip. Or I don’t want people to adjust they life for me.

I feel like my problems is my problems. But anxiety kinda make it obvious.

But it does bother me when people shoo away my thoughts or feelings especially during a panic attack. Ya know a person will say your over doing it or freaking out over nothing.

Those people I can’t be around those who don’t accept how I am and try to support what I’m dealing with. I can’t have them around me. They make me feel crazy. They make me feel like what I am feeling is wrong or not real. That really bothers me.

This year I am taking the steps that makes me better and understand me and my head more. I want to start therapy. I know it’s something I really need. I have so many underlying issues in my life. So that journey will be different.



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  1. I have anxiety and horrible panic attacks. Once you find the right therapist, one that you are comfortable with, it really does help. 🙂

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    1. Thank you . I am looking into it I have not yet. thank you

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