Puppy friend

Good morning ! I love my puppy he is so sweet and fluffy. I got him to be my buddy my emotional support.

He just turned 4 months!! He so adorable. He is playful and listens most of the time lol but he still a puppy.

I am looking to get him trained to be my support dog in a couple months and hopefully it helps me a lot. Something I think about a lot is when my boys move out. It’s a scary thought to think my boys will be push out into the world on their own. I don’t want want them to move out . I don’t want them to struggle 😩 I just want them to stay with me forever

But when they do meet that girl and move out I will have my dog KING. He sleeps a lot so I can get things done when need to haha! And he don’t talk back! So he will be great when my three boys grow to men and move out🥺.

I had a lot of animals . My kids love pets . Since they were born I always had a dog but I was never my choice so they were always big dogs that was bigger than me ! Now this time for once no man in my house picking the dog. I was able to choose him and play with him . See how he interact with me. And my son . This time I choose him . I’m very happy with my choice and each time I see him I’m excited that I have a puppy

The night I was up at 4am he was next to me at the toilet. I was throwing up and I see him jumping on my legs and whining . Now I’m throwing up but I take a quick look to see my puppy making this noise on the side of me . I can tell it’s a noise of worry. And that was a great start for me!

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