TikTok slap a teacher challenge 🤨

I went to my kids school for open house. During the open house the principal explained to us parents how two kids was arrested for slapping a teacher because of the new October trend!

I mean really who the hell came up with this? And why do these kids feel like it’s ok to even do it? I seen a few videos and some kids do it soft and you can tell they were scared to do it but come on why do it? your risking getting suspended or even expelled depending how the teacher took it.

There is also big kids! Kids bigger than teacher who don’t hit the teachers soft. And even destroying property! Stop bothering people because your bored . Those teachers are not going to school to get abused.

It’s a 12 year old near my home who is stealing cars! He is 12 ! My son is 10. What goes on in these kids heads. Why do they think it’s safe or ok to do these things . Y’all can seriously get hurt. You don’t know if that teacher is a boxer or have a gun stash or worse related to a cop🤷🏽‍♀️ we are already losing our kids is so many ways . TIKTOK LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE

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