Halloween fun

Halloween is a holiday I do like to celebrate. I always try to take the kids to pumpkin patches. Free events around town . The boo bash and other things . When they were babies I would take them to young circle in Hollywood and walk around the park and collect candy. They would have popcorn and food trucks. Clowns and face painting. I love holidays I try to do things for my kids so they can carry it to they kids . My youngest son birthday is October 19th. For his first birthday I decorated the inside of my apartment . I told the kids to come in they halloween customs and we play trick or treat games and I was very creative and it was a blast. Since then my son have never wanted another… lol he grew up to know he don’t like the scary stuff on halloween.

So this year I did start off by doing little actives. I went online and printed out a bunch of halloween coloring pages. I print out a halloween maze. We did a little contest . Right after we watch freddy Kruger for the first time together. I also went to Walmart and got a bunch of pumpkins. Since my oldest son was three we carved pumpkins . Every year. so for 10 years we made our own pumpkins. I just think it’s important to spend time with your kids in some way during the holidays so they have memories of it. I love easter we go see the bunny. Christmas we go to the bass shop every year and see Santa clause. we decorate the tree every year together…. just family things . so here is some of our halloween coloring!


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