Did you know that if you think to hard about something you can really make it happen. A panic attack is just that… you think to hard about what is happen you literally freak out .

I try to remember to breath… I try to remember when I use to be ok and didn’t think so hard….

At one point I was living my normal life… and then 💥 bam … I’m working on breathing when I’m in a place that somehow makes me freak out….

I’m starting to see the more I think about what gets to me the more I lose myself… so I think that’s why I was the way I was before. I wanted to be drinking or be super business so I don’t think about my actual life. I went day by day because I had to but not actually sitting and thinking about where I was and who I was around.

Since I let a lot of people out my life that cause me pain I had more time to myself. But more time to myself is not a good thing for me because now I’m in my head fighting myself over and over until I breath… forget let go…

I try my best to stay busy.

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