how do you know what real

How do you know who is really there for you.? do you really know a person. I have seen so many stories with people who has been married to people who had double lives. a person who they thought was the most loved person in the world has done something to hurt some one or they use to rob banks or do something crazy…..

when you get with aa person how do you know if the things they tell you is true?everything that come out they mouth…..? have you ever dated a person and thought about you not really knowing who they are.

have there ever been a friend that just happen to walk up to you because they know your spouse or friend or date and your looking this person up and down trying to picture where is it in there life did they meet this person. what was they into when they met this person?

I think about these things allllllllllll the time…. then I feel so bad for thinking this way…. but for me ….things seem to good to be true….

so I watch and I listen and I think about every more…. because I don’t want to be blind sided at al if anything changes or new information come up….

you never really know.

you never REALLY KNOW!

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