Today is Sunday and Friday and Saturday its just me and sky. the house is so quiet…. he off on his phone… next to mommy while I watch my favorite show riverdale. what a rainy day even. not nice enough to play outdoor so we cuddle in the bed doing our favorite things. relaxing.

football day but not in my house … in my house its snacks and phones ands tvs on Sunday…relaxing day.

BIG DINNER! not in my house in my house is no huge Sunday dinner…. it me and my son eating cereal and pizza for dinner! hahaha we relaxing!. I love this time because he is alone which means we creat our own bond. while we are home alone he speaks more and talk to mommy more.

on most days he is off with his brothers and even starting to sleep in the room with them not and not with me which by the way is super duper great for me!! he like to be a big boy and play the video games with them. he like to watch the tv shows they watch and tell me what I pick for hi is for babies.

but on Sunday our day our morning and afternoon he is my baby chilling next to mama!

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