Fighting the thought!

The worse thoughts are the thoughts you would never do . Sometimes anxiety can really bring fear to your heart. I often scare myself with my thoughts.

I can say I fight it all the time. I don’t ever want to give in. My anxiety is strong 💪 but I’m stronger and i fight to be normal for my kids . I fight my self to keep doing my daily routine to keep me focus and together.

My kids are a lot. Three boys all under 10. Some days they really get me Out my element. Sometimes it’s to much for me and i have to scream leave go to your room! So I can get five minutes to breath… in the middle of a debate… sometimes it’s to much for me… but I try to make my kids feel normal or not feel like something is wrong with mommy.

So I will engage in 5 different stories at once until they start fighting over who “walks faster”! My kids… I have to stop them from buttering over none sense … like what is the point of this conversation …some time I have to shut it down because to much of it brings out my anxiety.


2 responses to “Fighting the thought!”

  1. I recently started reading your blog. I am much much older than you, I am 51. But I can relate to so much of what you write because unfortunately I have anxiety, panic attacks, and severe ocd. I also have 3 boys (2 are adults) and I was a single parent. I can’t offer much advice but wanted to say if you ever feel like you need to vent or just need someone to listen, you can email me anytime. 😁

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    1. thank you love. I will. it does help when others actually understand what I am dealing with. so thank you for following me.

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