My pain bring pain

Sorry is all I can ever say to those who try to love me . Im not ready. I will never be if a person keep trying to force me to heal. you will only get hurt back why because I wasn’t ready to let go of things or people when you wanted me to.

Unfortunately I hurt someone close to me today. It does bother me that I brought him pain. but I can only think about me in this situation because only me is more important . I have to figure out what is wrong with me. I need to figure out why I don’t want to let go of things. but if you don’t let me try to figure that out then I won’t be able to and therefor u get hurt.

You are so kind to me and you want to make me happier than anyone who has been in my life.But that does not give you the rights to try and just write off my story. I don’t ever speak wrong of you because you do me no wrong but I am human just like you and sadly we do stupid things.

See people think its easy to stop talking to an individual. I personal don’t think so why because I don’t have any people in my life to begin with and when I find someone who I enjoy being around and there for me in what ever reason they are here for …… I choose to keep the little five people I know around. Im lonely as it is and I can’t stress the fact of others bringing me more anxiety by wanting me to do things im not ready to do.

sorry….not sorry,

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