Today was a good day

Today was a good day. The last two days I have been able to wake up and feel normal I have not felt weak nor the need to throw up. I been feeling normal . Which is great to feel like myself on these two day. What am I doing different?

I started to take my anxiety medicine every morning. I notice after two days I no longer had the horrific thoughts that was in my head. I was driving fearless.I didn’t have those scary thoughts

I also started taking my B12 vitamins. Which gave me more energy . I don’t feel so weak I was able to work today! Today I sanded the inside of a boat lot of work and I finished the whole inside feeling ok with out feeling the need to sit or feel like I can’t breath. A few days ago I felt like my body was a sand bottle once all the sand reached the bottom I could no long go. It’s like I only had so much energy in me and once I put that energy into something I had to wait a bit I had to rest I felt like I had to reboot before doing something more. Which is not me.

I’m a workaholic I love to put my all into it.which is why I refuse to give up. I’m will keep up with my vitamins and my medicine and hope I keep feeling better.


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