I AM! For as long as I remember I have been this way. Its hard to not be upset with a person when you never got your point out. Im stuck there. im stuck there because I cut u off because at the time I didn’t want to hurt you. but often I am stuck here thinking about how pissed I am that you just don’t fucken respect me. how you really sit and think to yourself that you are somewhat better than me.

To me….if your are real friends with a person or close to a family member …you don’t think about those things. In your head .your always thinking of ways to to better than that person. idk hard to explain. but it pissed me off you stated I wanted to be like you. you stated pass things that happened and express how u really felt about certain things as you so called snapped on me. you told on your self … pretended for so long and it pisses me off. you played games to make me seem crazy or as if I was doing wrong because it didnt do you any good…

you set me up many times and told my business many times….smh you were never a friend…. u were stabbing me behind my back the whole time…. and here I was really …really trying to be cool and a good person to you in your life…. its so fucking sad that shit ended with us saying fuck u. because I have way more than fuck u on my mind.

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