Super strength

I swear you have to be born to do this.You really have to be OK every day there’s not a day where you can really break down what happens when you break down as a mother? Everything falls apart because you are the glue what happens if you just decide to stop one day? Everything else stops because you are the glue.

Being a mom is so much but I love my kids to death I wouldn’t change it I think being a mom save me for a lot of reasons I would definitely probably be somewhere completely different in my life if I didn’t have children right now I love my kids.

It’s a super strength because you have to be ready And prepared for when your kids get out of school.See my kids are not the kids they jump in the car sit and enjoy the ride the whole way home my kids love to tell me everything that went on During the day.After a long day at work do you really want to hear your children screaming and fighting in the car about what happened During the school day? I have one child to get in the car and automatically ask for his phone.He will sit quietly in his chair with his phone unless his brother bother him but the other two…

Those two stay fighting they love to tell me what happened at school they are in completely different grades they see each other throughout the school but in completely different grades and yet they still fight over what each other does in school because one has already been through some grades so that one will tell the other brother how everything is supposed to be because he went through that grade already but this is his class with a different teacher you cannot tell this man what he is doing during class he knows what he is Doing during class but yet argue about it the whole way home. As a mother the majority of the time I listen I stay quiet I try to hear both sides.Sometimes I’d be really curious about the way they debate So I’ll let them and I’ll let them solve problems on their own sometimes.

But overall you have to have patience you have to have love to deal with kids and multiple kids at that. My kids are definitely a lot for me sometimes but I wouldn’t change it for the world my kids give me the strength to go every day my kids give me the strength to work harder my kids give me the strength to want more. So listening to them fight is just one special gift I get for being a mom😊


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  1. I think this is the best I’ve seen till till now. You’re amazing!

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