learning you

Ya know we go our whole lives trying to meet people and learning everything about them but we don’t truly know who we are.I mean really. we go what’s your bday? what’s your fav color?what is your five year goal? why y’all broke up?what job you got?

CRAZY! WHOLE TEST TO DATE AND HANG OUT RIGHT? but do we ask our selves those questions….like what is your favorite color? and why ? I remember back then my favorite color was blue…never knew why so I use to tell people because my name is skye duh! lol but I didn’t really know…someone ask me one day and I shouted a color… it was something small I never really thought about until I got to middle school and all the girls would wear their favorite colors to school. have they favorite color pens.and favorite color hat ya know. ..

Im 30 years old and thought what do I know about me? what makes me happy sad…what foods do I really like…my fav tv shows…simple things and then Big things like what makes me have anxiety? what makes me cry? why do I have so much pain? why do I hold things in? see I never lived on my own ….from a teen in my fathers home I moved out with a love one..from there a love one then family and so fourth….now having my own home. my own space I had so much time to learn more about me . my feelings and what I want for myself.

what do you really know about you?

what is your goals?

why do you cry often?

why are you so angry around certain people?

I think its real good to learn your emotions. once you contain your emotions you mastered some real shit! haha


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