in reality what are we doing here??

I think about it all the time the older I get I ask myself what the fuck? I mean honestly we need so much to survive….food ..clothes… can’t be in certain temperature..cant eat certain things and our own mind take over and drives some of us crazy!

we were not made perfect in any way!. I look at my kids and when they are born I think everyone wants their kids to come out with 10 finger and toes and all the other normal features but what we don’t think is a few days..months or years our kids get health issues. we are born into this world and most are super sick the whole time alive….they speak and say god created us….that is a whole subject many will get into but if so…we are not perfect! and it bothers me. why do we have to struggle to live needing food we can’t afford but need to survive… why do we struggle to stay alive? we need medicines and hospitals and creams n shyt and people can’t afford they just die…. really is this the world we live in! we have people out there who treat us (us as in us) our own people like shyt. people killing woman…abusing kids… putting all the men in jail! jail is such a fucked us system…bitches don’t even live to 200 years old and get wild sentences . many people need it but if we weren’t mentally fucked up wouldn’t be so many killers. a couple had 13 children they literally was all abused and locked in a house. you mean to tell me this is the world we live in. 28 years these people got away with is until one child finally ran away. and got help.

people tell me not to scare my kids …dont tell them something is bad … they should be scared!!! our world is fucking hella dangerous! you can’t walk outside without struggling…getting shot…abused…not able to walk outside at all or u have some life threatening disease. what part of the world is fun. I let my kids know the truth…. I think food should be free I don’t understand why we have to work so hard to get shit we literally need to live. we need housing but not allowed to build our own and to buy one is a whole test! we don’t test parents half as much as we do for everything else. and yet people have more kids and nearly make money…

A teenage 17 years old hack the president and other well know famous people! just to get money cuz he a teen. but what if he use those hacking skills to start a war or why don’t people hack shit to get us free food and housing. the reality of life truly sucks. I lovemy kids but hate that I braught them in such a hateful world that they will someday have to try to survive on they own…smh

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