Can’t help but think….

Each and everyday I watch tv..the news..shows..cases.. I get more into what if….

I have three boys who will turn into men soon. three half black but brown looking men. Right now our time in the world in my eyes are bad. There are so many young men boys and men dying for so many different things. I pray that my kids never fall in the space of those situations.

My oldest son will be in middle school next year and I can’t help but think about the things that is happening now. kids bringing guns to school with a hit list… like omg why do KIDS feel like they have to KILL other KIDS! something so small can set a child off… horrible abusive home and they go to school only to be bullied and treated like crap so then decided its easier to kill some kids .Or when they get to high school and half the kids are in gangs… just being around a big fight can end up with a child life lost.

I think about it all the time. when my kids get their drivers license and god forbid get pulled over how will that go. im scared to let my kids out into the world. so many things can happen…

do you teach them enough to be out in the world? did you really prepared them to be ok out there? or did you just let them grow up figuring things out…. I try my best to let them know things… I want them have heads up about…police…jobs…credit cards..bills…laundry. I want them to be fully aware of these things . if they are not good at it that is different but at least they are not so confused when it comes up in life.

I kinda grew up with no parents active in my life. my parents didn’t know what was happening during school I could have been skipping everyday they wouldn’t have known ….they didn’t pay attention to grades to much..I had no one really talk to me about anything… I learned a lot from school friends and clubs at school smh…..

don’t learn what a gun is and what it does the moment its pull out on u. better yet don’t put your self in situations to where that happen!

I love my boys. I want to help them each day in life but that time will come when they leave the nest….:(


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  1. Such handsome happy looking boys! I have a son that just started Junior High. I have some of the same worries as you. I talk to him constantly about everything, the dangers of this the dangers of that. Hes a good kid but as his mom I always worry. I worry about the things we see on the news, just like you do. We just have to hope and pray for the safety of our children.

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  2. Yes so you get it! It’s stressful! I appreciate your comment thank you


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