Peace..and mind…self healing

I realize I need my peace more than anything. I would rather not be in a bad spot with people and be stressed everyday than to please one person. so when some one ask me are you willing to lose everything over one thing will you? what is more important your freedom of your own mind or fancy things and shiny things? I choose peace. I choose to be free of negative energy.

I choose to live with any one to not have any one in my home everyday because it stresses me out. I like things my way and the only way I can do that is by living on my own. in my own space with no one rules but mind.

u know how awesome it is to clean up and know it can only be you. be like damn I left this open……. living with some one be like ” WTF YOU LEFT THIS OPEN AGAIN!? lol I learn so much being in my own space like finding out more things about my self. I explain this to people and they seem so shock that I say I don’t know who I am…. people go they whole life not knowing who they are.

so being in a space where its only me and my thoughts I find out what I like what I don’t. what I have taste for what I like to watch. what is my choice of clothes now. keeping my house clean the way I like it. going to the store only when I want to . and so much more.

Im not a people person im so better by myself some times

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