Wow ! School break Christmas time was a great time this year. I can honestly say my kids were happy this year . They spent time with those who meant the most and got many thing to make them happy. I realize no matter what as a parent you are never perfect. if you don’t take that time to listen to your kids you won’t go far. you will have the hardest relationship!. through out my divorce… and the pass 7 years I learn to listen to what they want. I learn to ask them how they feel about things. because we are not the only one in the situations. your kids are to. and once you get how they feel then you as a parent make the best decision but giving your child a chance to one express themselves allow them to feel freely to speak. it give them a chance to use their brains and get answers to questions they want answers to. dont always shhh them. allow them to wonder. you never know what your grooming.

sometimes it may hurt your feelings but they are people just like you two and they should have a voice….. kids get force into things all the time they dont want to do. I get judge a lot because I dont force them to do certain things . most parents would.

off topic but any who this year I listen I ask what they would like. I ask what if they got this instead… I ask do you want this….. why waste money on things they dont want … to see them smile so hard because they got what they wanted is the best feelings. now if your kids are beyond to where they say I want the newest iPhone if you got it why not but if you dont that is when the what if you got this instead…..

I didn’t raise my kids to look for or want the most expensive things . I made them understand very fast what mommy does what mommy pay for and what things mommy can afford therefor their eyes are not to big for things .

I love them and I pray next year be better .

I love this time with them because its time for us to make memories and have fun. we played family games went fishing and baked together . my life is to keep them happy and safe… of course its not easy but a challenge I accepted.

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