Being apart of something…

To feel wanted is always a good feeling. to be loved or supported the way you would want someone to support you.It feels great… to be apart of something and to be involved in something that you are appreciated.

long story short.

I have been helping on projects. Helping on projects to where i’m allowed to have an voice to the matter and my ideals are actually listen to and heard.

the fact that I feel so good about this shows how much I have never felt heard or listen to in my life.that when I would speak in the past to people close to me they would alway down my ideals and give some reason to why im wrong…….or just a girl….or to small…or not smart enough.

i’m trying not to get caught up in feeling to good. i’m trying not to let the excitement blind me from truths.

when someone so good come in your life you are truly afraid of it. you are wondering when things will take a bad turn because oh how can this be that a person on earth is so nice to me….why?

I have such wicked evil people in my life who always find a way to take from me or hurt me just because…. shit im in shocked about this new turn in my life. but enjoying the attention I deserve. and I dont feel bad about it at all because im fucking nice and deserve it .

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