Having three kids…

First let me say I am 30 years old and 5 feet .Two of my boys are damn near my size and I look 15. so with that being said yesterday I went to the gas station that always go to to meet my boys father. he picks them up on Fridays and have them the weekend.

usually I do not like to get out the car and go into the store because I have three boys and sometimes with anxiety it’s a lot to deal with. Just the walk from the car to the door can be a fight..screaming..one child slower than the others…oh the thoughts. but any who…

I had to use the bathroom. I thought to myself I’ll hold it because I did not want to get out the car with everyone. but then my oldest say “oh good because I have to use the bathroom”! I said welp I guess we got to go now lol.

so we all get unbuckle get out the car. started walking into the store. i’m keeping my eyes on the boys checking like little ducklings .

As we get closer to the door the man that works out side the gas station who I have seen many times out there while waiting for their dad was standing by the door. we passed by him and he reaches his hands high to the sky and yell”STAY IN SCHOOL”! I look at him like wtf.. kept walking then he yells” especially you with the back pack” Now I have a backpack purse on!!!!! so the fucker was talking to me! and I put it together…. he thought I was a young teen with three kids and apparently didn’t finish school because I have three kids….. and my purse he may have thought I was a school student with three kids…. I dont know but wtf…. your assumption is hella wrong! and many many people think my kids are my siblings and if I tell them they are my children they give me the damn what age were you when you had them….lol because I look 15 at times. but it through my whole day off and when we walked outside the store he said it again!

that time I told him “dont talk to me” ….. now im so annoyed because come on dude…

so yes… this is one of the challenges I have as a mom…. I can only imagine what people would think once they grown as men…smh

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