I hate that I have this problem…even thought I know its far worse things happening to people.

My body is low on b12. I feel like im dying…my body be so sore. my head feels heavy and I feel the need to either throw up and relieve the pressure or lay down. I swear its the worse… I struggle to get up but always feel the need to use the bathroom. I want to eat I know I need to but I can’t I literally can bearly chew. swallow. I had 1/4 of a hamburger and drank what I can two sips here n there… but with in 30 min I have to throw it up. here the thing…… I hate the fact that growing up I damn near raised myself which is another story…but no one explaines this shit to you. how you have to keep up with things or your body can literally fall apart.i only weight 113…im five feet….. can you imagine my little ass laying on the ground all day because im low on b12. for half my life I thought it was my iron…I thought I needed to eat me…I thought maybe I need more sugar…I though maybe I need to excursive…so many things that was wrong. I been going to the doctors and telling them something is wrong with me….. but when im in there I also don’t want to go down a whole list of shit. and the doctors be like bitch nothing wrong with you…..haha….

but this time I went in with all details on how I felt. and by me telling them everything we were able to point it out…low on vitamin B12 and D…. so now I have to do a sho every two weeks and take three pills a month so I don’t feel like im dying……the worse part about it is if I didn’t have kids I wouldn’t have gotten this far I wouldn’t have care to check myself out.i would have layed there until I felt somewhat better…… but having kids which I say all the time my kids saves me….having kids make me push my self to do things so I can do and provide for them. when im feeling very weak I can’t even care for them… it makes me cry because I feel so bad and I want just lay there. but I can’t because I have kids who are under the age …they can’t do much without me. but thank god I figured it out and once I get use to it I won’t have this feeling no more.


3 responses to “THE WORSE FEELING!”

  1. I’m so sorry you feel unwell. I pray you get the B12 you need to get your vitality back and drive away the sluggishness. Blessings to you and those babies. 💖💐🦋

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    1. Thank you very much love

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      1. You’re most welcome. 😊


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