Not happy ? how to be happy?

How to be happy? I ask this because people can have everything and it’s always something that is still missing. is there a such thing as being real happy? happy all the time? I don’t think so… When your in a relationship are you happy all the time? do we find problems issues to create problems to break up because we are not happy….?

what if you dated someone who ask as you guys are dating …ARE YOU HAPPY?

I think to my self what does that really mean? to be happy? now if you reply that you are not happy and your partner states how can they make you happy! shit listen I couldn’t tell you! lol I couldn’t tell you all the crazy things that you would have to go through to keep a smile on myself. why because we are human and we have feelings and there is not such thing as happy all the time. money does not cause happy ness all the time. money is the root to evil I honestly do not want a rich man… to many issues…

love does love keep you happy ? love causes pain! people don’t know what they want and everyone wants to test things and people. so others get hurt.

material things make you happy? they come n go. get lost stolen or burned broken…..

what makes us happy these days…?

Being with someone who is nice to you. understand you. having a good day no drama day. sound like a happy moment…. but happiness…. all the time… How can we …


One response to “Not happy ? how to be happy?”

  1. i think we all have our ups and downs and we can’t be happy all the time, even if we are generally happy people


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