Anxiety is something that is hard to control to me. I am getting better at it but half the time I don’t realize I’m over reacting to something until who ever im around makes a face … then I know ok chill….

Being in a relationship with anxiety is hard. trying to find someone who is ok with how you are and knowing how to respond to you when your anxiety is bad.

I think that is very important. to meet and have a person around you who is calm to calm you. for me… being with so one who don’t have patients freak out when I mess up. and when im already freaking out and others are too now im on 100 mode…. but being with someone who understand why u did what u did or why certain things make me over worry… they calming tell me its ok… tell me to breath and make me laugh…. I need that… I need the real support.

I tell myself im to much… I know im to much… but finding a strong person to keep me at at straight line will help… alone I am going all over the place! being alone I freak out and have to tell myself ima be ok.

I think I may have found someone who is what I may need. but that person is older than me and that gives me anxiety.

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