New journey!

I can now say I am a candle maker! so get ready guys for tons of candle pictures and sale pitches coming your way haha.

no but I started making candles. my candle company name is called Private Thoughts Candle collection. its branched off my other blog….check it out.

so yes on that page I talk more about my trouble pass. it is a healing point for me. me also dealing with my anxiety is a big thing for me. but I am getting better. so I thought to create candles that world speak for you. you would purchase a candle and give it as a gift or to remind your self of something.

like one of my candle is called BI THE WAY IM GAY!. I created this candle with the thought of how scared I was to tell people im bisexual. creating a nice LGBTQ candle that you can use to let others know. use it to give to your parents or friends. I will have mental health topics but also fun and funny. so dont be a stranger guys! come check me out! website going up soon!!! at the moment I am working my labels…created them myself also my website. tiktok fooled me had me thinking this was easy lol


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  1. Beautiful candles and well written on inner therepy loved to read it πŸ’“ well shared thanks πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘

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    1. thank you so much! please stop by and shop!


    2. thank you so much! please visit my shop at

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