OH MY OH MY OH MY! My family cat is pregnant. I can say I am not in any way ready for this…. its so crazy to me lol. my cat is an indoor outdoor cat. she is gray and white. about one years old. she is a indoor outdoor cat so there goes how she got pregnant. but any who now the time is come where she will be having babies soon like real soon!. I stop and stared at her belly today and was just in shocked! haha the little babies moved across her belly it was awesome! so now im wondering when she will be giving birth. so many videos I watched. I also order her this pop up tent that I seen in one of the videos that will seclude her and give her space to have her babies. oh god I hope it make it here in time!

it pretty and pink! so yes blanca will be a mommy soon! I will not be keeping all the kittens unfortunately so I will have to find nice homes for them. I may keep one tho a boy!


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