Which room is your favorite to place a candle!

Great evening guys! I started something really cool ! In March I started selling candles that I make myself! Yes cool right!

Many different candle in multiple colors .made with soy and paraffin wax.

Do you like candles? Are you the type that need a candle each time you take a bath? Or are you the type that like to sit your candle on a nice table with some nice books!

I like candles everywhere! I like to have two of every candle so I can have an even set up! And I’ll place two on my night stand and two at my kitchen window!

Will if you like candles check out my shop! See which candle for you better!

These candles are great For multiple occasions like housewarming gift gift for a friend or family member you can use it for a wedding any and everything stop by and browse today!.

Love yourself candle $25
Bubble candles come in different colors $15

Stop by and shop today ! Www.privatethoughtscc.com

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