Wtf Constipation

Good morning. Constipation constipation constipation what a word!

my belly have the time feels so heavy like I have rocks just sitting in there! It’s wild! Yes of course I have been to the doctors and I was told I need more water and food. Lately I have not been eating an normal amount of food. For many reason… one main one is just not stopping and actually eating!

I be busy I’ll rather clean up and keep cleaning until I’m done… I’ll rather finish whatever task and push eating to last thing to do. But it’s really affecting me. I never felt so sick. I have been losing weight like crazy and at this point I’ll do anything.

I’m trying to drink more water right now I can get down maybe two bottles a day or one in a half which is very sad …yes I know…

And eating I’m trying to not think and just eat like I use to! … stress and depression plays a rollnin my none eating habits . But I know I need my strength to be the best mommy and I’m pushing myself to get through things . Any ideals with gaining weight and drinking more water?

I also been told And I have a thyroid problem my doctor is watching it closely as they say it could also be the reason why I am not gaining weight it give me a reason why I am losing weight so keep an ion that and hoping for the best 31 you don’t think to start health issues but hey life happens and only thing we can do is push through it. Happy Monday guys😣

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