Taking medication

I hate it . Absolutely hate it I do not like taking pills at all I have anxiety and my duty is to take an anxiety pill daily so I don’t have all the crazy thoughts that I do have.

But my duty is to take one anxiety pill every day and I don’t wanna take any pills because I have anxiety it makes me think crazy about taking the pills.

When I go to open up just a little pill jar and put a little pill in my mouth the whole time that I am with this pill in my system I am thinking about what it is doing to me the more and more I take it does it change me.

I have taken the pill once for one full week and I notice a change it did clear my mind and it did make me feel like there is less people in my head at one time.

But then I somehow think about what the pill it is and what the pill does and can it do this and kinda do that I begin to think about is the pill poison for my body I begin to think about…

Having anxiety is a hard thing .to try to control and get used to trying to stop what you’re used to for years what do you know of as you is hard and scary at the same time

Taking the pills to slow down my thought and all the people in my head taking the pill calms me and help me to stay somewhat focus but taking the pill I realize I don’t have those third Opinions anymore so damn bad things happen

Do you have anxiety how do you cope with anxiety do you take your anxiety medicine?


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  1. it must be very hard to find that balance

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    1. Yes..it’s a struggle. Wanting help but afraid of what the help will do

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  2. I have terrible anxiety. I was nervous about taking medication and use to worry like you do. I have been on the same medication for years now so I am now use to it. It helps a little with my ocd but not as much as I had hoped. Trying to find ways to cope with anxiety is very hard for me. Im still trying to figure it out.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing this. It makes me double think about trying to keep up with mine.i also have ocd! So that’s a connection with anxiety 🤔


  3. I have anxiety, depression and it seems I’ve developed a touch of ocd as well. I take several medications every day and they definitely help. Until something within me goes way out of whack, then I drink (drank) instead. Bad bad choice. I try to stay away from the “as needed” anxiety medication. It helps but it also makes me drowsy. Meditating helps, even just a few minutes of it. Routine helps most, I think. It’s a drag having mental illness, but there’s no getting away from it, so I have to do the routines I know help me most.

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    1. Yeah I definitely understand that. I find that having a Routine does help me as well. It very hard for me to just jump into something. I really have to wrap my brain around it all the outcomes and stuff it’s a lot sometimes.. I have anxiety medication but I don’t like to take them I fear things may change within my brain n I’m afraid of that so I don’t take them daily like I should😒


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