Mental health queen

Good morning king or queen! Today shall be a great day because I call out for it!

Mental is to me was a touchy scary subject. I was not surrounded by people who understood mental health issues. I was not around a supportive group of people. So once I discovered on my own by researching and doctors that I have anxiety depression and social anxiety. People started to see me as a problem.(I felt) I tryed to explain to those around me that I think it’s more to me than I see. They called bullshit. I felt like I wasn’t allowed to understand my true self and figure out why I am the way I am.

With so many people saying what is wrong with me is not real! I started to go even more crazy. Like is it not a thing… am I tripping… then it came to a point where I was doing thing out of what I would do to be acceptable and normal!

To understand yourself and how u operate is hella important. Don’t Let anyone dignify who you are or what you are or how you think I don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re wrong.

I finally got a point in my life where I agreed with myself I listen to myself and I’ve done things for myself I make moves by myself because I know myself more than anybody else. So I won’t let anyone else affect me. I don’t I don’t ever let anyone dignified who I are or what I’m about I support mental health awareness 100% and eventually I would love to be your voice to it. I have pain and I have stories that braught on my mental health issues.

I would love for other people to know that it’s OK for you to have anxiety it’s OK for you to be depressed you just have to figure out how to get out of that you just have to figure out how to control and can’t let anyone else take control of how you operate. It’s definitely hard when you’re surrounded by un supportive people .is definitely hard when you have nobody that believes you understand you. But what help me with searching on the Internet I started his blog I found out so many people are just like me.

What truly helped me was saying I wasn’t the only one which made me be OK with who I was even more annoying I’m not alone really. None of us are alone we all have each other we just have to support one another good morning guys

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