A sick morning 😣 on earth day

Omg. My youngest woke in the middle of the night with this horrible cough! That nasty hollow cough …I can see him struggling to gasp for air. He hear himself and could Barely breath because his nose is stuff up…

To watch your child gasping for air freaks you out! Not knowing. An they catch they breath or what!

He could barely talk so I freak just a little. Then i grabbed him pick him up held him and said it’s ok. I stop panicking and realize what type of cough it is…it’s the kind that’s super scratchy each time u cough. The kind where u can hear something need to get cough out. I gave him water sat him down rubbed his back and did breathing exercises with him.

My kids 😱 panic! They freak out about things for sure . I had to calm him down he was panicking that he could breath. I could see in his little face how scared he was that he could barely catch his breath. But mama got you son. Ima get you right and you will be ok! I love you so much and he laid back down next to me silently sleeping. He woke this morning with the same cough but he understands now what is going on and no longer panicking.

So I’m hoping otw to school things will get better if now he shall stay with me .

Good morning 🌎 world and happy earth day!


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  1. Hope he is doing much better.

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    1. He is out today too I think he caught my cold😣


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