which parent are you?

when it come to food for your kids which parent are you? are you the parent who make strict diet meal and get them use to that? are you the parent that ask your child what do they want for dinner? give them options and let them eat the type of food they want.. meal wise not snacks!

Every one parent different . I been in household where the mom make what ever she choose to cook that day and the kids have to eat that or nothing at all. I have been to vegan home where the parents eat one way but the kids different. people tell me I shouldn’t let me kids eat what they want… but I ask myself ..dont you eat what you want?

really think about it? do you go in a restaurant and eat only what they serve or do you have options and pick the few things your craving and love to eat? why doesn’t a child have that choice? why can’t you shop for the food he actually enjoy eating? why can’t a kid choose not to want to eat meat at an early age.? to know and understand that meat come from animals and they dont want to harm the animals…. should they or should they not be allowed to stop eating meat? and if you argue no …why may I ask?

when you go to someone house you try different food and as you eat more different things you learn to know what you like and what you dont like… so if we are allowed to say no its ok I dont like corn… why can’t a child tell you plain as day no mommy I dont like the way that taste. why can’t they tell us no I dont want to eat chicken beef or fish? or no pork?

tell me how do you parent how your child eat. is it sit there until you done..forcing the child to eat many thing that just may upset they stomach…. or are you more a listening parent and give them good food nutrients they need but let the have decisions on what goes in there mouth?

ps this is of course with many factors of your child not lying..faking..or only want snacks this question is for mature kids who have honestly expressed their likes and dislikes with food….

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