As I watch my kids grow…

As I watch my kids grow I think about all the things they will encounter as the become adults. It terrifies me! Like tonhonestly let your kids move out and be on they own just have to hope they know what they doing ..where they going.. n how to stay safe out in this world.

It makes me wonder because my parents don’t check on me daily… how do they go day by day not knowing how they kids are??? It’ll drive me nuts I promise I’ll be calling mine everyday . And it’s easier for you to know something is wrong if you keep up them.

My kids are so goofy right now. They don’t pay attention to much. I try to open they eyes but it’s to early all they care for is toys and games and eating.

But as a parent once they move out you hope u did all u can and they Will be ok.

My dad kicked me out at 19….even tho he didn’t check on me I occasionally let him know I’m alive. It’s mind bothering to me that u send your daughter out to the world not knowing if she would be ok??? Not knowing who the person is that I eventually move in with… like…how do u sleep at night???

I’ll be worried about mines until the day I’m gone. I have anxiety so my worries is 10x as a normal person 🤷🏽‍♀️ but I love my kids unconditionally and wouldn’t want to see them even scrap they knew on the floor.

Each year I thank god that my kids are still alive. I tell my self I did it. They ok. Another year no accident another year no hospitalization another year they came home safe daily.

I try my best to install The importance of work in they head because u need money to survive period! They need to work hard to get a roof over they head and keep it. Not do so much to get it and lose it soon ya know.

I want the best for them but in a normal stance not rich best but ok best survive best. Mommy will always be there no matter what if they can’t I will be there . But I will make sure they get back on they feet.

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