What being a mother means to me.

Mother’s Day is a day we celebrate woman who have kids . It’s a day where I truly look at my life as a mother. I take the time to look at my kids and see how blessed I am. I truly love my kids with every bone in my body.

I fight so hard for them. I don’t want them around people who hurt them I do my best to protect them at all costs. I see my self as the mother that will have my kids living with me forever hahah

Happy Mother’s Day . Is a day to remember how hard I fought to keep my premature son alive. It’s a day to remember all the time mommy had to ride the bus and have babies in car seats..from the time we lived in a hotel from the time we had to live with people until I got back in my feet.

I worked hard to get our home we share today. I worked hard to get our car we drive today. Today is a day to remember I’m still here. They are still here.

My kids are tuff and loud and big babies somewhat but being a single mom and still doing it is what Mother’s Day a day. Appreciate the blessing of your kids . Love and adore them.

I get sad when they are sad . I do all that I can to keep a smile on they face. I do things that hurt me but is good for them. I learn to Make real sacrifices to keep them happy and on a good path.

No one can take what I do as a mom from me. No one know my stories and pain but me. I thought the things I went through was always a test. And since I didn’t give up I am rewarded. I will keep pushing forward .

And hope one day my kids will acknowledge all things and see mommy truly tried all that she can to keep y’all happy although I’m very crazy. I have anxiety so mommy is stressful but they tell me they love and don’t want to leave me ☺️


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  1. happiest Mother’s Day to you!

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    1. Thank you happy mothers day

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      1. you are so welcome

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  2. Happy Mother’s Day! Your kids are adorable and have beautiful smiles.

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    1. Thank you so much 😊


  3. Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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