Business planning ..What now!

The crazy thing is during my process of setting up my candle business I had planned…planned what I thought was planning. I miss so many steps and learning as I go.

So CONGRATULATIONS TO ME. I now have my LLC AND EIN for my shop. private thoughts candles in official.

The story behind getting my llc and EIN is just Urg I order them off the website I had my store . Tailor brands .com I started in March and received my information now. It was very frustrating at first because I’m so nice I tryed to let it just do the process but then it was to long to me and I had to check . And it was a lot of emailing back and fourth and finally I received it.

But unfortunately I lost my trust in them and deleted that website and store and created another. Two months later and I have more of an ideal on how this goes.

The details of the candles means a lot and that is something I didn’t do when I first open my store I didn’t know how to describe the candles. But the more I researched I figured it out and hope that now the store is easier for people to purchase and choose their candles.

So GIUS CHECK OUT MY NEW STORE @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Bubble candle great for decorating in your room, living room or gift to a friend $8.50

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