Its great have a good morning. today started with a great walk at the park with my two pups and boyfriend.they were lose and free and its so good to see them happy and free. then we went to take the my shirianan king to the groomers so he can get a cut.

now funny things is I tried to save money and not take him for like two months and I tried to cut his hair myself and omg it did not work so I couldn’t have my baby going around look that bed and he got spoiled today.

Roxy my five month old pup dont like the car. so she not up for going out for rides. so when we took her out the house poor thing threw up a few times…IN MY CAR! but its ok it got cleaned. but yes good morning. how was your morning?


3 responses to “GOOD MORNING!!”

  1. Dogs love car ride!! I have 3, and all are mad for cars.

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    1. My small dog get so sick

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      1. Ohh, that’s really strange. I think, with time they will love to travel.

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