Doctor rush!

Good morning. So here I am sitting in my doctors office for a visit that I have missed twice already! I honestly hate to come .it take up so much time out your day and you have to really work around it. Before I started working the way I do now. I would have trouble making appointments because whom ever you work with don’t care that u have a doctors appointment. Those jobs need you and need you now go to the doctors on your own time.

But we don’t have time because we always working!

So here I am rushing to the doctors today and thought about how a man got hit by a train a couple weeks ago and he was rushing to get to a doctors appointment!!!! And with my anxiety im a time person have to be on time so I thought of that it 8am and I’m still on the road😣😣😣 but then I stop breath and say it’s ok if I have to reschedule I will it’s not worth my life!

And then as I’m sitting here writing my blog they call me up to say I don’t need to be seen today! Urrrrgggggggg lol

So guys don’t rush to the doctor office is the moral of the story because it might not be a need to. I could of got in a car reck just for them to say oh we actually didn’t need to see you today!

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