So sad why the world is turning to this…

It to a counting of 19 kids and a teacher killed at that school in Texas….it was 14 yesterday and you mean to tell me they found five more bodies!!!

Makes me fall to the floor and cry… to think you sent ya child to school and they won’t ever return😣😣

The fear of losing your child from one person hatred or pain

To be childless or one less of a child now because someone was selfish and thought they reasons was better for 19 plus people to die…

It so painful it truly hurts my heart… we are not safe anymore

We are not equal at all… we are not together in no way… everyone has revenge but what is it truly worth??? Just to say u did it?

Why do people kill other people just because? Why is it so easy to buy guns and walk in someone home and shot them . Why is ok to shoot children ??? Why are we not looking out for one another!

Guns should only be for the wars and army n shit why do we sell them on the streets and let every play with one it’s outta control…. Why is there not long test and evaluation going on to purchase a gun?? Why is it harder to get divorce then to buy a gun? Why is harder to get your license then to buy a gun? Why is it harder to purchase an. Apartment then to buy a gun the point is to many things have to many restrictions to satisfy other people .if we had more rules and regulations on fire arm less people would carry n sell…..

How is it no one is stopped and asked are u ok? Why that kid shot his grandmother… did his pain start at home with her and that kids hurt him in someway??

Why was this done? Who was he after???

May 2022 Texas kids

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