Stressful summer for moms

One month down and more to go. July and some of aug . I can say this summer has been ups and downs . Being a single mom its hard to work when you have kids. This is the reason im choosing to create my own income. Because times like this .summer time your kids are home and it doesn’t give u much room to work if you dont have anyone to watch your kids.

I cant afford summer canps! These camps be $300 to $400 for the summer per child😬😬😬like who can??? So they stay home with me. I do have two of my three attending summer school that gives me 3 hours to work at home and then when i get all three together im in mommy mode until at least 6then i can try to get some more work done!

I love this time with them because i do get more time with them. During school months i work and they are in school and when we back together its get dinner ready do homework wash up and bedtime. Then weekends is dads times.

I have anxiety 😟 so summer is somewhat stress for me . Just because they are home more and i dont get that break to breath. But i been trying to manage the best i can and bury myself in work so i tune out there loudness and let them play and try to not stress them out ha!

So for summer i also take the time to work out that helps me and of course making my candle help calm me as well. I hope everyone else summers are going great! Parks are always fun and free! Water parks are great and we have a few small ones around my location. Fun crafts bbqs and family fun night with books and games!

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