Mental health candles..

Since i started making candles i changed my ideal twice…from making mental health candles…😩 sadly base off others opinion . When i started i started with a strong sense of me making candles and using that as a way to show how we as people may feel . The one with mental health bad days.

See first off i have to say i dont like the word illness… mental health illness.. i dont agree with it being an illness. Because alot of us deal with mental health problems but we function the same as others. Just wired a lil different. So i like to use the term mental health bad days.

But yeah anyways i started with the strong ideal of creating candles for those like me . Those who are wired a little different. For those who have depression and bad nights . For those who have anxiety..ptsd…who are bi polar or Schizophrenic . To me this is what is important to me. And the only reason i want to make candles. Just creating candles with no real back story is hard for me. Just making colorful candles with no meaning. It hard because my original ideal was mental health!

And i think about the day i have an interview about my candles and im asked what inspired you to make candles…….my only thought is mental health.

So i dont care what my peers think i dnt care for those who think they know me and is in shocked that this is all i talk about . I talk about it and create for it because its my life. I my self faces many bad days all alone might i say with anxiety. And ptsd. I my self have depression come and go and feel like i want to curl up and die. I myself have super family issues where i feel as tho i am the black sheep and these people really dont see me. Putting my pain my thoughts into candle making is another way of healing. I create a candle with a thought in mine and bring it to life. Yes i make fun happy colorful candles as well because i went of course for a minute. But i will no longer let those tell me i shouldn’t talk about my secrets.

I wont let others make me feel like shyt and stop being a voice for us and our bad days! I want this to truly work and it will. Some kid will buy my candle and feel like they have hope . Someone will buy my candle and say hell yeah this is how i feel everyday! Some one will find a private thoughts candle and know who ever created this is a mind of someone with mental health bad days. Thats my goal . They same as those who make music for us!

We are strong and we will survive!

Private thoughts candle collection has really just began!


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  1. Good for you! It doesn’t matter if your friends and family don’t get it. All that matters is that the people you’re creating it for get it…and they will. ❤

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    1. Thank you and that is right ! It took me a minute to see that but i do and i will continue the goal and dream thank you! And stop by

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