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Private thoughts candle collection will be creating mental health candles. I will have a mental health collection and i will also have home decor fun candles . Candles that make statements!

I started making candles in march. I learned it from watching videos and reading. Doing lots of research . Some may say candle making is quite easy while others may say candle making is to hard. For me it was easy until it wasn’t. Candle making has a science part to it. It has a math part to it and neither i am good at. Haha

But i enjoy creating them so I’m always researching and looking for ways to make my candles better and better! The most important part to me is making a color or design that represents mental health and empowering quotes for us all.

It’s inspiring to me. To make a candle and have it named as “keep breathing” to me it speaks to me it is something that i would want to see on my dresser each morning to remind me its ok, keep breathing and you’ll be fine.

Many try to discourage me from speaking on mental health but if its helping why not. Not only am i helping my self im helping others.

Some candles I stopped making because i got discouraged. So here is some of my old candles that i plan to have again soon☝️

This. Candle was named CARBONADO. Which means black diamond. And was created to empower woman to say “i am a black diamond, strong and tuff! Special different
Love this one!this was my first to make
This is a pretty design to me and i want to make some more this way

Be with on my journal buy a candle or two and let me know what you think! Im on esty and so many people uses esty! im on google search and i’m soon to be on yelp! I carry my own website hope to have a ware house one day!


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  1. These are lovely! I was lucky my Mom and Grandmothers all taught me handicrafts. In Lancaster County, PA the Landis Valley Museum has classes on carpentry to quilting available. All with authentic techniques!

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    1. That is Awsome! Yes it comes in handy to know how tondo a few things . I would live to learn quilting im sure that is a good anxiety calmer


      1. Quilting can be a group/social thing, too. They’re called quilting circles. I live next to a lady who hooks rugs, she calls herself a “hooker.”😅

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      2. Ha that is awsome!

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  2. Nice job! I am excited to go and check out your Etsy!

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    1. Awesome thank you and let me know what you think!

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